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Turn your passion into business

It is important to start your fitness or pilates instructor career with the right education system. Along with the quality educational content we also care about creating a vision with our science-based sports education.

We use the latest researches in anatomy, trainig science, biomechanics and exercise to ensure a best-in-class education system. Since 2010, Fitkon Academy has contributed to the career of hundreds of pilates teachers & fitness trainers through certificate programs and workshops. Our goal is to create your educational infrastructure that will enable you to do your job safely and with pleasure by keeping science in the foreground.

Turn your passion into business

High Standards

The education system of Fitkon Academy is taught at variant universities. Founder Dr. Nahit Baylan is the only Pilates master trainer who has a Ph.D in Exercise Sciences in Turkey.


Strong Certificate Easy Career

Fitkon Academy leads the industry with its strong infrastructure. It is much easier for Fitkon Academy certified trainers to start their careers in sports centers and Pilates studios.


Our Education System Recognized by International Institutions

Trainings are credited by the American Council on Exercise. It gives you more opportunity to work internationally. With the documents of Fitkon Academy, it makes it easier for you to work in the international arena.


Comprehensive Education

Fitkon Academy uses science based course materials in educations. Fitkon Academy helps you become a well-educated instructor with its certification programs and workshops in many areas such as Pilates, Functional Training and exercises in Special Populations.


We Plan Your Career with Our Trainings and Equipment

As an institution that has education and production of high quality Pilates equipment, we are with you in all processes from your first training to opening a studio.


Where should I Start?

It is important to understand the human body and the training principles for a good instructor career. Whether you are a Pilates, Barfit or Functional Training instructor, Fitkon Academy will help you to understand foundations of exercise science to do your job professionally and pleasantly. “Functional Anatomy” and Training Sciences & Principles Courses will help you to achieve this goals.

Master Instructors