Training Science & Principles


Movement Biomechanics

By understanding the methods of facilitating and complicating movements, open and closed chain exercises, lever laws and exercise biomechanics, it will be easier for you to program exercise for people of different fitness levels.

Basic Training Information

Pilates, fitness, crossfit are each an exercise method and the primary purpose of each is to improve fitness parameters such as strength, flexibility and endurance. With the basic training information of Fitkon Academy, you will learn how these parameters are developed.

Fitkon Pilates Basic Principles

With Fitkon Academy 5 Basic Principles: Breathing, Neutral Pelvis, Neutral Spine, Mobilization and Stabilization Balance, Shoulder Belt Mobilization and Stabilization, exercises will become safer and more effective.

Bridge Program

Bu kurs aynı zamanda bir farklı kurumlardan eğitim almış kişiler için Fitkon Academy sistemine geçiş yapılabilen bir köprü programıdır Farklı eğitim kurumlarından eğitim almış olan eğitmenler bu kursa katılarak Fitkon Pilates sistemine geçiş yapabilirler. Bu kursu tamamlayan bir eğitmen tüm Fitkon Pilates programlarında tüm seviyelerde eğitimlere katılabilir.




A certificate of attendance is given at the end of the course.


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