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Powerhouse Reformer

If you want quiet, comfortable, stylish and affordable Pilates equipment, Fitkon Powerhouse Reformer is just for you.

The innovative gearbar system allows you to make quick adjustments and minimize interruptions during your Pilates workout. High quality sponges used in foot bar, carriage and straps provide maximum comfort.

Powerhouse Reformer offers a unique Pilates experience with its functional easy-to-use structure designed by exercise sciences specialists, Pilates Teachers, rehabilitation specialists and dancers.

  • Fitkon’ unique Gear Bar System allows you to adjust the distance between Footbar and Carriage quickly without wasting time.
  • Most comfortable equipment in the market with its customized carriage, straps and footbar sponges.
  • The footbar, tower, bed dimensions were designed in accordance to biomechanical foundations by Dr. Nahit Baylan.
  • Produced with highest quality woods and metals on the market.

You can increase the variety of exercises by adding tower and jump board to your Fitkon Reformer equipment.

Add Tower

You can add towers to your Powerhouse Reformer equipment whenever you want and do most of the Pilates Cadillac exercises. Reformer tower includes push-through and roll down bars, hand and foot springs.

Add Jump Board

You can add cardio and power exercises to your workout by adding Fitkon Pilates Jump Board to your existing Reformer equipment.

You can easily convert your existing Powerhouse Reformer to Reformer Combo by adding Trapeze Table. So, you can do Cadillac and Reformer exercises on one equipment.

When Powerhouse Reformer is purchased we provide free participation to one of the Fitkon Academy training courses which is credited by International Institutions. For more information email [email protected]

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