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Pro Reformer

Fitkon Pro Reformer is technically sophisticated, innovative, user friendly and produced with the highest quality materials. With its unique design, it makes your studio and sports center look stylish. Innovative gearbar and footbar systems provide easy use and minimize workout interruptions.

Comfortable: The foam on the foot bar is manufactured with a special softness grade to ensure a comfortable exercise without disturbing the hands and feet. The straps manufactured for sensitive hands and feet to provide a comfortable Pilates workout.

Strong and Durable: Carriage glides on C shape aluminum rails with smooth rolling mechanism provides friction-free ride. Reformer feet made of strong steel.

  • Cadillac, Reformer, Tower, Mat Pilates exercises can be done on a single piece of equipment.
  • Fitkon Gear Bar System allows you to adjust the distance between Footbar and Carriage quickly without wasting time.
  • Most comfortable equipment in the market with its customized carriage, straps and footbar sponges.
  • The footbar, tower, bed dimensions were designed in accordance to biomechanical foundations by Dr. Nahit Baylan.
  • Produced with highest quality woods and metals on the market.
  • Reformer Box
  • Reformer Level 1 book.
  • Free Pilates Certification Course
You can increase the variety of exercises by adding tower and jump board to your Fitkon Reformer equipment.

Add Tower

Tower You can add towers to your pro reformer equipment whenever you want and do most of the Cadillac exercises. Reformer tower includes push-through, roll down bars, hand and foot springs.

Add Jump Board

Jump Board You can add cardio and power exercises to your workout by adding Fitkon Pilates Jump board to your existing reformer equipment.

When Pro Reformer is purchased we provide free participation to one of the Fitkon Academy training courses which is credited by international institutions. For more information email [email protected].

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