Does Pilates Help Weight Loss?

The Pilates method quite popular in the World nowadays.
Reformer Pilates
The Pilates method quite popular in the World nowadays. A bit of media coverage brought this method to everywhere. I love Pilates because it’s for everyone, for every fitness level but does this method for weight loss?

So, does this method make you lose weight?

If you start doing Pilates and you were not active before, you were just sitting at home without doing anything then offcourse it will help you to give extra calories. When you start exercise you will spend extra energy. Yes , we know that Pilates is not one of those high-intensity exercise method that creates a negative energy balance a lot but still this safe exercise method it will help you to lose weight. It is a fact that people pay more attention to calorie intake when they start working out and they will make their lives more disciplined. Most important thing to achieve any fitness goal is to have that discipline and rutin. As a popular exercise method, starting Pilates will make you more disciplined. As a much loved exercise method, Pilates will certainly make people more disciplined in terms of health.

So what is Pilates?

It’s founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s. It is a method that has its own principles and was also used for rehabilitation purposes at the beginning.

A resistance exercise!

There is no special fat burning exercise method. When your muscle rate increase, your basal metabolic rate will also increase and as a resistant exercise Pilates will help you to do that. Basal metabolic rate is important for weight loss. What makes Pilates special is not weight loss. Yes, it helps to lose weight, but main effect of this method is that increase spine health, good posture, muscle tone, post-rehab health and all of these help you to have healthy life. Come on, find an instructor and start Pilates 🙂