Fitkon was founded in 2006 by Dr. Nahit Baylan, Movement and Training Sciences Specialist, to provide services in Fitness, Conditioning and Pilates.

Fitkon Academy

Our modern and science based education system helps to Pilates Fitness and Sportive Performance Instructors to create quality career. Our Educations are credited by the American Council on Exercise. It’s easier to work in the international arena with Fitkon Academy certifications.

We produce world-class Pilates equipment with the knowledge of trainers, engineers and sports scientists. We are proud to serve the Pilates industry with our patented designs and innovations.

Fitkon Pilates & Personal Training studios provides exercise programs for all ages and fitness levels. We also train athletes in different sports to maximize their performance. We are working with athletes of the future in the Athletic Kids Club.

Innovative, Scientific, Fit, High Performance



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