What Should Be Considered When Buying Pilates Equipment?

Artık birçok yerde Pilates stüdyosu açılıyor. Güzel bir yerde şık bir stüdyo açmak eğitmenlerin en büyük hayali haline geldi.

It’s not just the price that counts. Check out our expert guide on the essential requirements you should look for when buying a Reformer Pilates machine or other Pilates equipment for your studio or for home use.

Pilates studios are now opening in many places. Opening a stylish studio in a beautiful place has become the biggest dream of trainers. This, of course, brought about the formation of new equipment manufacturers and the development of the sector. The Pilates equipment sector, which was under the monopoly of foreign manufacturers until 5 years ago, has grown with the involvement of domestic players and created a serious competitive environment. With this competitive environment, domestic manufacturers have come to a more advantageous position in terms of price.

1. The technical structure of the equipment 

The length of the equipment you will buy should be at least 210 cm, its width should be 60 cm and its height should be around 55 cm. The measurements are very important in terms of the fact that hundreds of Pilates movements can be done in a healthy and effective way for everyone.

2. Comfort of Pilates Exercises

The equipment which has optimal softness, making Pilates exercises more enjoyable. For example, if the carriage foams are hard or too soft during the movements that you make on your knees on Reformer, joins will have pain and yoit will be diffucult to  focus exercises. For this reason, before buying Pilates equipment, I would definitely recommend you to try it.

3. Quality and durability

It is necessary to pay attention to the quality of parts such as wheels, pulley system, gearbar system, wood used on the equipment. Do not forget that once you buy equipment such as Reformer, Cadillac, Chair, you will use itfor many years! In other words, when you just focus on the price and buy some cheaper equipment, you may have an uncomfortable, with a poor technic equipment that effects your business and health. Another issue is durability. It would be appropriate to say that metal equipment is more durable than wooden equipment. For those who want to take a look, Fitkon Pilates equipment produces the most professional metal equipment in Turkey.

4. Springs

Pilates is basically a resistance exercise. Springs are the source of resistance in Pilates equipment. For the exercise to be effective, the springs must neither be too hard nor too light. If the equipment you want to buy will allow you to exercise both for the athlete and for an older person, then you are looking at the right equipment. It is useful to have 1 quarter, 1 half and 3 full springs on the reformer. The colors of the reformer springs do not actually mean anything. Each company can use different colors on their equipments

5. Design

Pilates studios are often boutique places. The appearance of the equipment as well as the decoration of the studio provides a nice environment for our members and increases their desire to come to the studio. While wooden Pilates equipment adds a serene atmosphere to the studio, metal serial equipment allows you to have a stylish Pilates studio with different designs.